IT Consultancy

We provide IT consultancy within Cloud Technology (Cloud Infrastructure, Ceph Storage), Data Analysis (Statistical analysis, Neural Networks, etc.) and Infrastructure-as-Code (“DevOps”).

Software development

We develop software for automation of business processes and digitalization. We have a number of internal projects currently active.

IT services

We provide IT services within operations of cloud and storage infrastructure and Internet Services (ISP services).

Our amazing team

Martin Millnert

Martin Millnert

Co-Founder & CEO

Martin has a MSc in Computer Science with specialization in Networks and Distributed systems. He has a background in networking ranging from classes in fiber optical communications, not to mention practical experience, to developing a BGP speaker in Erlang. He also has a decent full-stack knowledge in the sense of from the transistor/gates/microcode to distributed programming, including a fairly good understanding of CPU bus-cycle efficiency and memory hierarchies (the Instruction-vs-Data conundrum, pipelining, etc). A Linux user since 2003 (the true year of Linux on the desktop), came in contact with Open Stack 2012 and Ceph 2008, and enjoys optimizing ALL aspects of IT. Recently working on introducing Infrastructure-as-Code principles in key critical IT infrastructure. Apart from all things IT, have a long-term interest in a good future for humanity. As cheesy as it sounds, apparently not everybody shares this interest.

Behnaz Pirzamanbin

Behnaz Pirzamanbin


  • Statistician and Data Scientist PhD
  • Image processing and remote sensing PostDoc
  • Open Source github
  • Badminton Player and Coach Badminton

Behnaz is a super active and multi-tasking person. She has a PhD in Mathematical Statistics in which she worked with Bayesian hierarchical models and spacial statistics. Currently, she is working as PostDoc with medical image processing, remote sensing and satellite images. She enjoys teaching mathematics and communicating her science by simplifying hard matematical methods. Beside the nerdy part, she is a semi-professional Badminton player, played in World Championship and Asian Games and won several international competitions, a Badminton coach and the chairwoman of a Badminton club. She is an optimist about the future of humanity and looking forward for exciting new evolutions.


BrainMill AB is hiring for two different roles:

Network Help Desk and Support Technician
Software Developer

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